Running in a time of Covid.

By Simon Pocock, photographer and creative.

Exercise under lockdown conditions, that's a privilege in itself right?

An interesting topic that has been circulating globally - how to get your 'fix', while remaining within the law and responsible to your fellow citizens. Under level 4 of our national lockdown, things opened up slightly for the population. It inspired me to get out and explore my neighbourhood with intent, and in-turn sparked a simple idea to connect with individuals who were inspired to explore their own neighbourhoods.

Localised; Getting to know your own neighbourhood, the place you call home. Only 5km from your front door and only on foot, parameters that have become quite a rarity in our modern lives. The basic act of running is often clouded by endless options of routes, terrain, environment and which group to join. This is an attempt to explore and document local neighbourhoods, yours and mine.