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DIRECTORS NOTE Londolozi presented us with the opportunity to create a short form piece that would accompany their annual Women's Day blog post, and would capture the essence of femininity felt throughout the entire Londolozi ecosystem. We knew from the get-go that we needed to centre this piece on someone who embodied this feminine essence, and could help articulate the spiritual idea of the wild woman. We found all this and more in Jess Shillaw, a ranger at Londolozi with whom we had spent a few days with back in January. It was Jess's deep desire to spiritually reconnect with nature that led her to Londolozi, and it was that same desire that propelled her through the many gruelling challenges she faced in realising her dream of becoming a ranger. She is wise and connected, way beyond her years. Once Jess was on board, we set about capturing her story in the most honest and authentic way we could, pairing her story and voice, with images that evoked the most powerful feminine energy within all of us. - Rich Hamman
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The Leadwood forest at Londolozi is a sacred site. Ancient and deeply wild. In wanting to share one of its many stories, we needed to find artists of light, cinema and meaning making. The Fell+Co team bring a wonderful alchemy of universal technical details fused with good old fashioned storytelling basics. They have a unique process that allows creativity to lead as they begin to guide you to meet the brief required. Working with them has been an honour layered with a lot of fun

Bronwyn Varty-Laburn

Director at Londolozi