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The South African rowing team is one of our country's most decorated Olympic teams and yet not much is known about them. RMB, the title sponsor of the team and the most active contributor to rowing throughout the country wanted to change that. We were tasked by RMB to tell the story of South African rowing in an honest and compelling way that drew parallels between their business and rowing.
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Working with Fell and Company on this project has been a pleasure. Their ability to find, capture, produce, and craft a story has been extraordinary. They were able to connect with the people in the film, make them feel comfortable and to understand their stories on a human level. It is this ability that I believe is one of the reasons this content piece has been so successful. The finished product has helped to raise the profile of RMB’s sponsorship of SA rowing as well as the profile of these proudly SA sporting heroes who demonstrate courage, grit, and determination to succeed against the odds. Not only did Fell and Company produce this story for us but as part of a wider campaign, they were able to produce and edit the many cut downs and content pieces required, under time pressure and with limited capacity, due to a national lockdown. We are enormously grateful for what they have been able to achieve.

Lucy Lightfoot

RMB Head of Brand