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Building on the success of the global WMN campaign we produced in 2018/19, the global marketing team at Salomon asked us to assist in launching a female-specific outdoor and hiking shoe. The brief was to create a film and photo story that clearly demonstrated the actual life of modern city living women, her daily struggles and the release she could find in nature. Our pitch was simple: cinematically convey the chaotic lives of women in the iconic cities and the universal traits that bond them. The payoff lay in their shared opportunity to get outdoors into nature, away from the hustle of an urban landscape and a moment of calm.


The Salomon VAYA project spanned over 8 months and we utilised multiple teams across 5 cities in 4 countries. As with the WMN project, we cast real women in their home cities and natural landscapes - playing out scenes from their actual lives. All post-production was completed at our studios in Cape Town including multiple digital asset requirements for the global roll-out.

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results & observations

The campaign launched in May 2020 so as yet there are no significant results to report.

what the client said

"Finding a way to keep developing our WMN initiative, center it around a product yet also use this to expand our vision of showcasing women's diversity in their relationship with the outdoors has sure been a challenge. Yet, Fell+Co has been a creative force behind the project, managing course adjustments in the best way possible and coming up with a result that we are all extremely proud of. Thank you for your patience, humility, and will to deliver an amazing final ad that captures perfectly what we wanted to say."

Loic Balliard

Salomon Image Production Specialist