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We were briefed by Investec Wealth and Investment and the Investec Private Banking team to produce a TVC and digital asset content bank. Our focus was intergenerational wealth and the importance of one's legacy. We started with the underlying question of what is the most important thing to people and then built our narrative around what our family trees look like. Just like humans, they come in all shapes and sizes and as the complexity of life unfolds - all that matters is the ones we love and what their future will look like.


After the initial brief our focus turned to writing a script and developing a full storyboard. Production then commenced in late 2020 in Utah, USA under the guidance of Tim Kemple from Camp4Collective - chasing the final autumnal cover in the Aspen Forests. In early 2021 we produced all of the local scenes, covering our three key trees: the Baobab in Limpopo, the Willow in the Free State and the Yellowwood in the Western Cape. From there production took us to a key family legacy shoot around Cape Town. At the core of the story was authenticity so we cast a young family (including their 2 week old newborn) as well 2 older versions of our lead daughter "Stella" - one as a teenager and one as a young mother. The creative relied on the passing of time so our Art Director, Wendy Fredriksson designed beautiful scenes to takes us through the ages of the 70s, 80s and 90s. We also relied heavily on SFX makeup to age the parents which was expertly handled by Evelyn Gambe.

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