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Salomon Global

Following the 2019 Salomon WMN manifesto, the team came back to us with a brief to relook the 2.0 version of the WMN campaign. The WMN message was one that resonated with women around the world, we needed to relook how audiences had evolved in the past 2 years and how we were needing to be very specific in how we took on this brief in an authentic and honest way. We needed to bring more women into the Salomon brand universe by showing them there is a place for them to be anything they want to be.
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They are not afraid of challenging the brief if they believe a different direction is more suitable for a specific project. Always open and collaborative discussion where the lines between agency and client is blurred due to do the fact that everyone is working towards the same end goal. Not only did they help us tell great stories, they also are people I now call friends.

Sofia Ahnebrink

Outdoor Activation Specialist Salomon Global