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Over the course of 4 years, including a long production break during the global pandemic, our team was tasked with capturing and producing the founding story of one of South Africas most successful financial institutions, Investec. The project was commissioned by Investec's global CEO, Fani Titi and would see us meeting the original founders and partners from all corners of the world. We were privileged to capture the 50 year history of the company in a 4 part film series that in the opinion of founder and former Managing Director, Bernard Kantor "managed to somehow capture the very essence of Investec and its culture". These films are internal pieces and can only be viewed on request.
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Fell and Company executed the project with professionalism, ensuring all parties involved felt included and comfortable with the process of being interviewed. The outputs were exceptional, with years of work being distilled into four pieces of work that will remain for all of time.

Heather Casey

Head of Marketing Investec Group