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We were commissioned to produce and coordinate a 6 week, 6 continent running expedition with Australian water campaigner,. The 6 River Run aimed to raise awareness for the Sustainable Development Goal 6: Water & Sanitation. The expedition saw Mina Guli run along the Colorado River in the US, the Amazon in Brazil, The Murray Darling in Australia, the Yangtze in China, the Nile in Egypt and the Thames in England. Our team managed the logistics and digital content for the entire expedition. We were also asked to produce a 1-minute highlight video of each leg, that was posted on social media.


From a logistics standpoint, we successfully navigated all of the visa, travel, budgetary and local support aspects of the project - getting the team where they needed to be and fulfilling the mandate that allowed Mina and the wider support team to complete the expedition. We also delivered a range of digital, social and broadcast media content to the specific project and partner stakeholders (no matter where we were on the planet).

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results & observations

The 6 River Run was a huge success and gained online global traction being picked up by the UN. Spreading the message of the importance of access to fresh drinking water.

what the client said

"Greg Fell and his team were responsible for all the production and post-production work on my 7 Deserts, #Run4Water campaign in 2016 and my 6 River Run project in 2017. Both projects were demanding to say the least, requiring a very specific service and mindset to achieve the campaign's goals. Greg managed all filming and post-production for these projects; he controlled the team's logistics and planning of characters across all the 13 countries we visited on all 7 continents; and he worked closely with our creative lead, social media manager and PR Team to ensure all elements of the campaign aligned and were delivered to a world-class standard. Greg and his team proved to be an invaluable part of our project and I look forward to working with them again in the future."

Mina Guli

CEO of Thirst