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As Cape Town City FC moved into their 3rd season in the PSL and with an ever-growing diverse fan base, the club asked us to build and execute an idea that would give insight into their supporters and celebrate who they are.


We identified 1 key supporter, police officer Thando, and spent 3 weeks filming with him around his home in Khayelitsha, a journey to a major home game and finally a 1,000km bus trip to Durban to watch the club take part in the prestigious MTN 8 Cup Final. We then pieced together a 15min film under the title, Thando.

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results & observations

The film was released digitally, premiering on Facebook. The launch of the film saw incredibly positive sentiment and reaffirmed the team in the hearts of the fans, with a total of 3.5K views.

what the client said

"The Thando project was a key brand building moment in the growth of Cape Town City. As a an organization that has reaffirmed the importance of fans and their culture in professional sport, telling Thando’s story brought this ethos to life. We gave Fell and Company unrestricted access and they utilized it to give a raw an honest reflection of the lowest and highest point of the 2018/19 season. It’s easy to offer this access to F+Co as they consistently balance honest story telling and achieving client brand goals. It is a special film in the history of our organisation as it documents a major trophy win. To have it viewed through the eyes of a die hard supporter makes it even more special. The planning and foresight of F+C is what distinguishes this project - capturing a week that can define not only an entire season but an entire organisation. We might never see another film of this nature in South African football."

Michel Comitis

Commercial Marketing Director for CTCFC