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The project was essentially a collaboration between our agency and Mamelodi Sundowns FC. We were tasked by the new Chairman of the Club to work closely on his new vision. Our goals all centred around the use of high-quality documentary filmmaking and storytelling and were defined as follows: Elevate the Sundowns Brand, Appeal to the heart and soul current fans and make them feel truly proud to support the club, Reach new fans across the world, Position Mamelodi Sundowns FC as the leader in story content in the South African pro sport space and Grow the Mamelodi Sundowns FC YouTube Subscriber Base.


The execution strategy started with a deep consideration of the types of stories we needed to tell and the characters we needed to utilise for these stories. This led to a 12 month project producing and editing 4 documentary films each unique in their style, length, themes and subject matter BUT always centred around the club. From there it became about the rollout. We built more than 100 video, still and graphic assets for the official launch on February 01st 2022 - including the full identity design of the Sundowns Stories sub-brand. Finally, we designed, launched and continue to manage a dedicated Instagram Channel.

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results & observations

As of June 2022 the full films have seen over 125,000 organic views on YouTube with 1.5 Million Impressions. Across social media the collateral digital marketing assets have over 600,000 organic views. In analysing the various feedback and commentary on the films and social media posts - the project has clearly given audiences a significantly positive experience with the Mamelodi Sundowns FC brand.

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