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When the Cape Town City FC team was re-formed in 2016, they were looking for a creative partner to tell the story of football in South Africa. We were tasked with the role of showcasing an honest and authentic portrayal of the City FC team and most importantly the community of fans that support the sport in this country. From the stills on match day and training to short branded content videos and new kit reveals.


Partnering with Cape Town City FC is a collaboration and always-on approach to creative content. The teams working on City FC will vary, depending on the deliverable, we have micro-cinematic teams as well as a single shooter and editor, executing same day turn around. Longer form creative strategies will require development, production, and post, leading to full digital rollout. Working closely with the client and the players in an intimate setting, we are able to execute quickly based on the trust built over the years working with the team.

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results & observations

The team and its online following has grown to be one of the most loved clubs in the country and the team with one of the highest engagement rates on social platforms across the board. To date, City FC has the 4th biggest social following in SA football (achieved in 3 years). Fan based content has increased attendance from an average of 3000 to 7000 from season 1 to 3) and the team is currently 4th biggest football club commercially in SA.

what the client said

“Cape Town City Football Club has partnered with Fell + Co to provide digital content management and production. In Fell + Co, we have received honest advise from experts of the highest quality - and the execution of these concepts and films have been both extremely professional and aesthetically powerful. The visual level of the content produced for CTCFC has been of a globally recognised standard, but somehow always respecting the budget of us, the client - a balance unique to Fell + Co. They truly work intimately with our staff and product to create content that translates to meaningful brand equity. Whether you’re a brand that sells products or dreams, Fell + Co will connect you into the consciousness of your market.”

Michel Comitis

Commercial Marketing Director for CTCFC